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The following are frequently asked questions about our PalmCrosses® and accessories in general. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free contact us.

Why should I buy a PalmCross® or give one as a gift?                                       
The PalmCross® is used during personal prayer as a tangible symbol of Christ's presence in our lives. It is something to grasp onto and "feel" comfort and peace by knowing that Christ is with us always. Through His death and resurrection, He grants us eternal salvation if we abide in Him and allow Him to abide in us. He always holds us in the palm of His hands, and we are never alone.               

Likewise, the PalmCross® is a wonderful and intimate gift to show love, encouragement, comfort, and a sense of peace.  The recipient is uplifted in prayer through the petition/praise of the individual giver or the prayer of a community of believers.  Consider the following uses:
- Comfort during Illness
- During Hospitalization / Treatments
- Consolation during Visitation / Funeral
- Gift for Elderly / Aging Parents
- To commemorate Initiations/Sacraments: Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Ordination, Marriage, etc.
- Child's Bedtime Prayer Cross
- Military / College / Job Transfer / Retirement
- Wedding Sign-In Book
- Gift for a Man
- Childbirth-Held by Parents / Then Becomes the Childs
- All Occasions & Celebrations!
Tell me about the personal engraving option. 
Engraving adds an intimate and personal touch, a reminder of God's presence in our lives and that we are never alone. A name or brief saying (maximum 22 characters including spaces) is carved by hand on the back of the PalmCross® normally across the arms. We suggest refraining from using words "to" and "from" as in signing a card.  Most customers choose the recipient's first name and/or a date, such as "01-16-2013" or "Jan 16, 2013." Browse the list for suggestions others have used, including some of our own ideas. Bible verses and references are also used (book/chapter/verse), such as Luke 9:23 or Phil 2:8-11.
Do you have stock or is each cross made to order?
We generally have stock on hand, so orders can be filled promptly. However, a large quantity (30 or more) may require additional time because each PalmCross® is made individually. Our busiest times of the year are pre-Christmas and Easter, so ordering early will ensure on-time delivery.

Is there a special way to hold the PalmCross? 
There is no "right" way to hold your cross.  Hold it any way that is most comfortable for you. 

How do I take care of my cross?
Over time, the character of your PalmCross® may change.  Both the humidity from the air and moisture from your hands may make cause the wood grain to rise. A very fine sandpaper of 600 grit or higher can be used lightly on the cross. You also can occasionally rub in a small amount of pigment-free furniture oil or an oil/wax mixture and then buff with a soft cloth.

Do you make a smaller version of the 4"x 5" PalmCross®?
We believe the PalmCross® is an item to be used over the length of a lifetime and that any hand will adapt to its contour and size.  Please note, however, that even though we follow a copyrighted template, because the cross is individually made through a long process, there can be a different "feel" to different crosses.

If I'm giving the PalmCross® as a gift, which style should I buy?
Our most popular cross styles are the Traditional and Holy Spirit Medallion, which are accepted and embraced by almost all mainline Christian faiths.  The Face of Christ and Sacred Heart Medallion crosses, and the artistically hand-carved Crucifix & Resurrection crosses are cherished (but not limited) to members of the Catholic tradition.  If gifting to commemorate sacraments such as First Communion, Ministry, and/or Confirmation, the Holy Spirit is the style of choice.  That being said, many customers make their decision based on what they like the best.

What discounts are available?
In addition to free shipping, we have quantity discounts: $10 off orders of $200 to $349.99 and $35 off orders of $350 or more. There are also various promotions throughout the year for specific styles or around holidays. Watch the website for featured products and sale information. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for notices and additional offers.

What payment options will you accept?
Mastercard, Visa, and Discovery credit cards.
Personal check or money order.
Please note that we will not process the order until payment is received.

What time zone are you located in?
Central Standard Time

What are your Hours of Operation?
Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.