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We invite you to share your experience of the PalmCross®, either within your life or the life of a loved one. Relating an encounter with the PalmCross® has the potential to manifest God's abundant graces visible in our world today.

Your testimonial may be used and edited as appropriate. Please indicate if we may use your first name, city and state, or if you prefer it to stay anonymous. 

The following quotes are shared by people who experienced the PalmCross®.
"The PalmCross® is like holding God's Hand in prayer." ~Kelly, Plainfield IL                                           

"I have carried one of these for years, and I never enter the pulpit without it. Thanks for something that has become so special in my life." ~Patrick, Vernon AL

"Words cannot describe the sense of hope and peace that I have felt in this short period of time while just holding my PalmCross® when only hours ago I felt nothing but anxiety and despair. I know the PalmCross® will be an important part of my healing process." ~Beth, Troy NY

"Holding your cross during my morning meditations brings me much closer to Our Lord and helps me reflect on how much He suffered for me and for us all." ~Gary, Montreal Canada

"I am blind and cannot hear. It is hard for me to explain how much peace and consolation I receive as I hold the PalmCross® when I pray." ~Sister Charlotte, Dubuque IA                                                                        

"My 4 and 6 year old children retrieve their crosses every night from the top of the dresser and hold the PalmCross® while kneeling next to their beds. I want them to cherish these crosses until they are 50 yrs. old!" ~Ellen, Carrollton TX

"A friend of mine gave our family a PalmCross® just before my husband had open heart surgery. What a comfort it was to pray together holding the cross and simply holding onto it while my husband went through his hospitalization!" ~Mary, Essexville, MI
"I worked in the building across the street from the World Trade Center. On Sept. 11th I held the PalmCross® in my hand praying for the injured and dying. When we were told to evacuate I remember running with it in my hand." ~Jenny, Brooklyn NY     

"I feel very lucky to be the recipient of such a special gift to celebrate my reception into the Church. It is really wonderful to hold such a symbolic piece of work while praying."                      
~Lynda, Scottsdale AZ           

"I held my PalmCross® during chemotherapy treatments and it reminded me that I was not alone." ~Paulette, Milan IL                                                                                                                                 
"I keep my PalmCross® in one pocket and my cell phone in the other. One is for reaching friends and family, and one is for being in touch with God above." ~Tim, Pasadena CA

"Our daughters held a PalmCross® as they birthed our grandchildren. Then it became the child's cross because Mom and Dad were so deeply embedded into it." ~Lorene, Akron OH

 "Even when the PalmCross® is not in my hand, my thumb can feel the carving of Christ." ~Margaret, Lockport NY

"It was a very special moment when we gathered around Mom's bed, passed the cross to each other, and prayed aloud for her. Now the PalmCross® has become a family heirloom." ~Anonymous
"Your PalmCross® is amazing! I've had mine for two weeks and have had several prayer experiences that really allowed the Holy Sprit to touch our hearts. God truly inspired your hands!" ~Judy, Ft. Myers FL

"My husband held his PalmCross® throughout his sickness until the day he died. I hold the same cross every night knowing he is with Christ and with me." ~Anonymous                                                                              

"I love my PalmCross® so much. At 4 a.m. this morning when the pressures of owning a business kept me tossing and turning, I got up, came downstairs, held my PalmCross® and read God's  promises." ~Mary,  Galesburg IL

"We placed the PalmCross® next to the sign-in book at our wedding inviting family and friends to say a prayer for us as we began our life together." ~Jo, Centerville GA

"Your PalmCross® arrived and I am overwhelmed at how beautifully perfect it is. It has since been christened with my tears and prayers." ~Theresa, Rochester MN